Kiné Lam – “I am a Griot”

Keeping the oral history of Senegal alive, Kine Lam sings with strength and tenderness.

Much beloved in Senegal, Kiné Lam comes from a family of griots, the keepers of the oral tradition in poetry and song.

In “Guewel La,” translating to “I am a griot,” Kiné Lam shows her craft. On a bed of complex triplet based rhythms, Lam sings her story with strength and conviction.

In her style, Mbalax, music and dance home-grown in Senegal and The Gambia (or Senegambia), combining Western musical styles with traditional drumming and dance of sabar.

In this example, not only do drummers weave complex rhythms with each other, Lam and her chorus work with and independently from the established groove.

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